Foreign Marriage in Cambodia. An over-all ward may get married if he/he provides the minimal capacity necessary to bearing a wedding

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Wedding between a Cambodian and a foreign not too long ago enhanced together with the foreign drive investment to Cambodia along with the regional integration. Relationship has numerous elements which someday it holds in term of love-marriage and arrange-marriage. Simply put, this report is dedicated to overseas matrimony under Cambodian legal guidelines. Matrimony is actually a solemn agreement in which a female and guy exactly who self-determine sexual activity with each other in accordance with the supply from the legislation they cannot melt it as they kindly. Overseas relationships is the marriage between Cambodian resident and Cambodian citizen or between Cambodian people with foreigner residing overseas country.[1] Understanding a foreign relationship in Cambodia? And what is the therapy to obtain international marriage in Cambodia?

Standard ailments of a married relationship in Cambodia

Marriageable era

Age is among the focus elements of getting married these days since most ladies typically wed inside the young age or very early sex. Based on post 948 of Civil rule of Cambodia 2007, neither males nor people may get married until they achieved the age of 18. However, should one of the parties have attained the age of majority and the other party be a minor at least 16 years of age, the parties may marry with the consent of the parental authority holders or guardian of the minor.

A general ward may get married if he/he provides the minimal capacity needed to bearing a married relationship. This kind of situation, the permission of general ward protector shall never be needed.

Prohibition against bigamy

In addition, actually age is actually appropriate for relationships, somebody who have a wife cannot effect one more wedding.

Ban against relationships between family relations by consanguinity

Relative’s outlines in Cambodia law is actually divided into a lot of branches that demonstrate the relative of just one household in legal label. However, no wedding might effected between lineal loved ones by consanguinity, nor between collateral relation by consanguinity up to and including the 3rd degree of connection. For example, uncle of the same mother cannot marry the sis of the same mother or father.

Ban against matrimony between family by affinity

While Cambodian laws prohibit on against relationship between family member by consanguinity, no relationships is likely to be affected between lineal family relations by attraction. Equivalent shall pertain notwithstanding the cancellation of affinity pursuant to the terms of extinguishment of attraction, dissolution of complete adaption or results dissolution of simple adoption.

Moreover, no marriage can be effected between collateral Relatives by attraction up to and including the 3rd degree of relationship. Equivalent shall pertain notwithstanding the firing of pursuant on the provision of extinguishment of attraction. This provided that should either husband or wife has died, the enduring wife may get married someone who had been a collateral family member by attraction up to the third level of connection.

Problems of foreign relationship in Cambodia

Matrimony between a Cambodian resident and non-native need to be voluntary and shall conform to regulations and other pertinent norms associated with empire of Cambodia. Under Cambodian laws, there is no-one to force anyone to become married with other without his/her permission unless they might be minor inside the ages of 16 ages which should experience the unique consent from mothers.

Be recalled that, the matrimony prepared by relationships firms, agents or businesses providers will be strictly prohibited. Fake or fraudulent relationships for work, person trafficking or sexual exploitation shall be strictly prohibited.

Foreigners desperate to feel hitched to a Cambodian citizen shall be found in the Kingdom of Cambodia to accomplish formalities and procedures in the relationship. Or even, they can not have married with Cambodian girls lawfully regardless of what they celebrated a lavish wedding which almost all of family knew and publicly announced.

Procedures of international relationship in Cambodia

Treatments for Cambodian people

  1. Notice and subscription of matrimony

A married relationship shall come right into influence by advantage of alerts, community see, summary of a marriage contract inside appeal of the family subscription formal, and enrollment with the relationships. The alerts, public see, summation of matrimony contract and subscription aided by the treatments recommended condition registration.

  1. Acceptance of notice of wedding

Notification of wedding could be acknowledged best after verifying that there surely is no violation of marriageable years, prohibition against bigamy, ban against between family relations by consanguinity and also by attraction, marriage of minor, and relationship of basic combat.

Conformity of relationships between Cambodians outside Cambodia

Cambodians overseas wishing to get married may bearing notification, community find, realization of deal or matrimony inside position of a Cambodian Ambassador, Minister or Consul approved because country, and enrollment in the marriage.

Procedures of international marriage in Cambodia

As stated above, in Sub-Decree N? 183 (RGC) of November 3, 2008 on controlling conformity and processes for Matrimony between Cambodian Citizens and Foreigners, to become hitched to a Khmer citizen, foreign people shall conclude formalities at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign assistance by attaching documentation the following:

  • Matrimony form;
  • Content of legitimate passport and entry visa into Cambodia;
  • a data certifying that individual try solitary given by capable government of appropriate country of non-native;
  • Healthcare certification released by skilled power in Kingdom of Cambodia;
  • Criminal history given by qualified expert for the appropriate nation of foreigner; and
  • a document highlighting the applicant’s profession(s) issued by qualified government from the non-native to approve that individual can perform promoting for family members
  • Backup of passport and document certifying your customer are single will be legalized by their unique Embassies or Consulates into the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Cambodian people can bring married with foreign people and foreign people are able to marry Cambodian people. They must follow the rules are going to have influence on couples who becomes partnered. Foreign people must do the directions as need mentioned previously being need a legal matrimony contract with Cambodian citizen.


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