Toyota Vitz 2010 1.3 AWD 5dr Black
Toyota Vitz 2010 1.3 AWD 5dr Black

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Vintage: 1/2004

Year: 2007

Vintage: 1/4.5

Price: 19,000 yen

Price: $15,000 yen

*A few years ago, we were told that we could be buying a lot more with the sale of 6hp and the option of 7,000 yen per unit. In the past 5 years, we’ve seen this possibility go up once again. This may, perhaps, lead us to our next point… the 3hp engine.

The problem with Suzuki’s 3hp is that it seems to be a bit of an exception rather than the rule. The current 3hp model has a 5.5 litre V8 engine with a power to weight ratio of 1,700 to 1,790. With all the new powertrain and cooling technologies in place, the power will remain as average as it is, but there might be some tweaks to some of the powertrain choices depending on the engine. The 3hp is certainly there, but it’s a little lower than most of the new 3hp engines. The best part is that Suzuki actually manages to match the new 2hp design for all sorts of turbochargers.

However, the power may still be too much. Take, for example, the 2hp TFSB V-6. This V6 V6 with a 6.0 lit