Exactly the same situation is observed in the USA, and here in Europe this model is not on sale for a long time already. The owners have to care only about a turbine. The unique car which in Russia for many years in a row has no equal in a segment of new business sedans keeps leadership in the secondary market as well. Both the brand and its flagship crossover have held the top spot in U.S. reliability ratings for years.

The 2.0- and 2.4-liter atmospheric engines can be called eternal, «automatics» — virtually indestructible. You can still find these cars on the road, but not so many were made during the years of production, so it’s hard to find a decent one. Traditionally, the traditionally high reliability ratings of the Honda brand provides first of all crossover CR-V, which has no problem to last not less than 300 thousand. km without major repairs. Compact models are rarely in the reliability ratings because of the inherently cheap design, but the microvan Fusion, which was produced in Germany since 2002, is really famous for its reliability, even if we are talking about cars the age of almost 20 years.

Suspension maintenance can be expensive, but is rarely needed. The engines of the first-generation model were equipped with drive superchargers, and the 5-speed «automatic» self-made, was considered almost eternal. The crossover has never been bought for racing, and the design of standard versions with an atmospheric motor and the simplest 4-speed «automatic» is considered to be unbreakable. It is not by accident that the Corolla family is the most widespread on the planet.

Finally, in Russia, CR-V is recognized as the most reliable used car over 20 years old according to CarPrice (second generation cars are https://cars45.com.gh/listing/bmw/3_series/2012 meant). Power, which conducts surveys of thousands of car owners. The fact that more than 15% of American Forester owners are unwilling to change their vehicle even after more than 10 years says not only about the loyalty of the brand, but also about the reliability of this particular model — Foresters from different years are always near the top three of the U.S. ratings. The largest studies in the U.S. are issued by Consumer Reports and marketing agency J.D.

With big mileages it is possible to take models of the second and third generations, but only with an atmospheric motor. The Audi A6 of the second generation topped German ADAC reliability rating 15 years ago, and little has changed since then — Newer versions are steadily in the top three- and five-year versions, and the old ones — in the ratings of cars older than 10 years. The cars of 9th generation with index E120 are usually considered as a benchmark of reliability, the owners of which have been driving without serious damages for at least ten years.

According to J.D. Fifteen years ago, atmospheric V6 engines were the mainstay of the range, and those versions are still on the road today.

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p> The car was equipped with a simple 1.4-liter or 1.6-liter atmospheric engine, most often paired with «manual», and had a sturdy suspension with plenty of ground clearance. Suspension and gearboxes are famous for reliability, as well as the atmospheric engines. Used-car reliability ratings vary from study to study, but if you look only at high-mileage vehicles, the same models are considered the most resilient around the world. Another non-standard car, which is constantly in the top ten of the most reliable used cars aged from 10 to 20 years.

The 4-cylinder 1.8 motor has a supercharger, but in general is much simpler than its modern counterparts, and before the advent of the DSG box, the car was equipped with a reliable «automatic» Tiptronic . All this is true for both the second-generation (SG) and third-generation (SH) cars. The roads are full of very vigorous cars of fifth (XV30) and sixth (XV40) generations which retain high residual value for years. There are a lot of reliability ratings in the world based on the statistics of breakdowns of certain models. It may seem strange, but a sports car with a turbo engine steadily enters the ratings of reliability of cars with high mileage and age up to 20 years, if we are talking about the first generation cars in the factory version and with front-wheel drive. Only the cheap interior trimming is timeless.

Power Lexus RX gives owners less problems than any other classmate. The body doesn`t rust, and the atmospheric engines of 1,4, 1,6 and 1,8 liters run several hundreds thousands kilometers without repair. The rest of the owners had problems without any system, and there are almost no claims to the electrics at all. Owners of older cars reported only minor electrical problems. American Consumer Reports claims that these sedans drive more than 300,000 km with no problems, and the engines (except for V. km without any problems, and calls the engines (except for V6 3.5) and gearboxes «millionaires».

Consumer Reports for many years in a row called it a leader in reliability in its class, and the German TUV steadily puts it in the top three among the cars to 10 years. The British edition Auto Express gives the same estimations to the car. For example, in Germany, the reliability ratings are made by operators of technical inspections Dekra and TUV, as well as the German Automobile Club ADAC. The next A6 of the third generation got a lot of electronics, which also slightly reduced the overall reliability of the model.

Variator and air suspension, on the other hand, were not so reliable. All thanks to high quality of assembling and comparatively simple construction. The reliability index of this crossover was a respectable 95.35%, and the brand itself has been sharing the top lines in reliability ratings with Toyota for many years in a row.

Nine out of ten owners of Toyota RAV4 have never faced any technical problems, and this refers even to the second-generation cars, which were produced since 2001.

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